NATS3 Affiliate Join Page Linkcodes

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Affiliate Join Page Linkcodes

In NATS3, the Affiliate Link Codes page only provides linkcodes for each of your sites' tour pages by default. By editing the appropriate template, however, you can edit the Affiliate Link Codes page to display join links as well, allowing affiliates to directly link surfers to your NATS join form.

Editing Your Template

If you wish to provide your affiliates with a direct link, containing the appropriate linkcode, to your join form, go to the Skins & Templates Admin.

In the Skins & Templates Admin, find the skin that you wish to edit, and click the "Edit Templates" action icon. You cannot edit default skins in NATS, so make sure that you select a non-default skin to edit.

On the next page, locate the members_codes template and click the "Edit" action icon. This will open that template in NATS, so you can make your desired edits.

In your members_codes template body, you will see a block of code that is similar to the following:

     <TD bgcolor="#DDDDDD"><b>{$sites[site].name}</b></tD>
     <TD bgcolor="#DDDDDD"><input readonly type="text" size="45" value="http://{$sites[site].linkdomain}/track/{$sites[site].linkcode}/"></td>
     <TD bgcolor="#DDDDDD"><A HREF="http://{$sites[site].linkdomain}/track/{$sites[site].linkcode}/"><font size=2>Link</font></A></TD>

If you wish to display both the appropriate tour and join page linkcodes, simply copy that block of code from your template and paste it directly underneath the block of code detailed above.

You will then have to add /join to the two lines in the copied code that display your linkcodes. For example:

     <TD bgcolor="#DDDDDD"><b>{$sites[site].name}</b></tD>
     <TD bgcolor="#DDDDDD"><input readonly type="text" size="45" value="http://{$sites[site].linkdomain}/track/{$sites[site].linkcode}/join"></td>
     <TD bgcolor="#DDDDDD"><A HREF="http://{$sites[site].linkdomain}/track/{$sites[site].linkcode}/join"><font size=2>Link</font></A></TD>

You can repeat the above steps to add join form links to any sites or tours you have set up in NATS3. Simply locate the appropriate section of code, and append /join to the end of the URL. For example: http://{$sites[site].linkdomain}/track/{$sites[site].linkcode/join

When you have finished adding /join to the appropriate locations, click "Save Template." Make sure that NATS3 is set to display your edited templates, otherwise your affiliates will not be able to see the changes you have made. You can do so by using the "Skin:" drop-down menu at the top-right of the page.

Your Affiliate Link Codes page should now display linkcodes for both your tour and join pages.