NATS4 Affiliate Activation

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NATS offers the ability for program owners to require additional steps or verification when a new affiliate is signing up. You can do this by either requiring e-mail verification for affiliates, or by requiring manual activation by the program owner to activate new affiliates.

Requiring E-mail Verification

NATS gives you the option of requiring new affiliates to verify their e-mail address after signing up. To do so, you must follow these steps:

  • Enable the RESELLER_VERIFY config option in the Affiliates tab of the Configuration Admin.

Require E-Mail Verification

  • Turn on the EMAIL_AFFILIATE_SIGNUP in the Emails tab of the Config Admin.

Sending Verification Emails

  • Place the verification link below in your 'mail_affiliate_on_signup' template in the Special Templates.
  • NOTE: If you are on NATS or a newer version, the link below should contain {$affiliate.verify} instead of {$verify}.

Mail Affiliate On Signup

Once you have done this, your affiliates will not be able to login until they have verified their e-mail address. Other templates you can customize for this are:

  • external_signup_done
  • external_signup_verify

These can be found in the "Advance Skins" tab in the Skins and Templates Admin

Requiring Manual Activation

Another method of adding steps to affiliate registration is requiring that the program owner manually activates new affiliates. To do so, you must follow these steps:

  • Enable the RESELLER_MANUAL_ACTIVATION config option in the Affiliates tab of the Configuration Admin.

Require Manual Activation For Affiliates

  • Affiliates can now be approved or denied in the Affiliate Admin

For additional verification measures, you can require both manual activation and e-mail verification. This will require the affiliate to first verify their e-mail, and then to be manually activated by you (or the program owner).