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Software Requirements

Please verify the following programs are installed. Your host can install any missing or out-of-date programs.

  • Linux or Unix, including BSD, Macintosh OS X, and Darwin
  • Apache
  • mod_PHP versions 4.4.x through 5.2.x (5.3.x is not supported)
    • Enable short_open_tag in your server's php.ini
    • Disable register_globals in your server's php.ini
    • Must have cURL, FreeType with Open SSL, GDlib, and mcrypt (with blowfish and ecb support) included)
    • Apache and the CLI must allow exec commands from PHP
    • must have Ctype functions installed.
  • PHP CLI (should be the same version used by apache and should use the same php.ini)
  • MySQL version 5 or higher and below version 5.4 with CURRENT_TIMESTAMP support for default timestamp field values
    • MySQL must also be accessible from the CLI, which may require changes to the my.cnf file
    • Ensure that NO_UNSIGNED_SUBTRACTION is enabled
  • unzip must be installed in /usr/bin/
  • CVS
    • Ensure your firewall doesn't block port 2401
  • Zend Optimizer or Ioncube
  • GeoIP
  • License manager
    • Zend: ensure you use Zend 2.6.2 or higher. We will tell you how to install the NATS Zend license after we install NATS
    • Ioncube: (preferred) ensure the "enable_dl" setting is turned on in php.ini

Server Requirements

NATS requires a Web-accessible domain. It should be the domain you plan on using permanently. For example: Your domain must be Web-accessible before we start installing NATS.

We also require secure shell (SSH) access. Please give us access to the same account you use to log in to the server. The account must be allowed to create files and folders in your user directory and replace the Apache VirtualHost directory with a symlink to your user directory. The user account must also be able to create a crontab entry.

Please create a new database in the current MySQL server. Grant all access to that database to a username and password of your choosing. Commands to create a database and grant all access to a specific user can be found in the MySQL documentation.

Please remove any server administration software. Server administration software might break NATS. We cannot support NATS issues arising from the interaction with server administration software.

Installation Information

After you server meets the above requirements, please reply to your install ticket saying that you have met the requirements and have the following information ready when we contact you:

  • The SSH server IP or host address
  • The SSH username
  • The SSH password
  • The SSH port
  • The MySQL host name (even if its localhost, please specify)
  • The MySQL database name
  • The MySQL username
  • The MySQL password
  • The NATS admin and affiliate area domain
  • The Apache document root for the above domain
    • Please give us written permission to overwrite the contents of this directory
  • Note: The document root cannot be a sub directory of another domain. Example, you have your domain,, nats can be installed under, but cannot be installed under
  • What type of encoding to use: Ioncube (preferred) or Zend

We will email the above instructions to you after you purchase NATS. Please contact us if you have any questions even before your installation begins. You host can help you with any questions you have about the software on this list.