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Config Admin -> Members Tab -> Expiration Padding


An option in NATS 3.1 to prevent member accounts from expiring until several days after their payment is due. This allows for delays in transaction processing from the biller. Trial memberships are delayed by 50% or a minimum of one day and a maximum of seven days. For example: a three day trial membership won't expire until the fifth day.

You can set MEMBER_EXPIRE_PAD within NATS. Go to Configuration Administration, the Members tab, and the Expiration Padding section.


A 2 day trial membership will be padded 1 day, so the expiration date for the member will be for 3 days from signup, this is a 50% additional padding. A member who has a full join of 30 days will only be padded 7 days with since 7 days is less than the 50% of the join option, so the member will have their expiration date set for 37 days after their signup.

Custom Padding

Billers Epoch, Jettis, NetBilling, NetBilling Native, and NetCash each support a custom pad date. For example: you can delay by three days all expires from members paying with Epoch. The MEMBER_EXPIRE_PAD setting will not override any specific Epoch, Jettis, or NetCash custom pad date. To enable this feature, please enter a request in the Too Much Media ticketing system.