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The payment dump is a file containing a list of transactions to be executed by the payment processor or imported into an accounting program like Intuit Quickbooks. Payments must be stored before you can view or export the payment dump.

Go to the Payments Admin. The Open Payments section lists PayVia types and the total amount you owe all affiliates using that PayVia type. This total includes affiliates whose payout is below the minimum you set.

To store a payment, click the Store Payment icon. The payment moves to the Stored Payments section. Since Stored Payments only include affiliate payouts above the minimum amount, the total amount of a stored payment can be lower than the total amount of the same open payment.

Click the View Payment icon to view the payment. While viewing the payment, you can copy and paste the output into a payment processor. After paying your affiliates, click the Paid icon to mark the dump as paid. You can still view the payment dump.

Importing Payment Dumps into Intuit Quickbooks

Click on the magnifying glass of a dump. On the next page, use your web browser to view the source and save the source as a .iif file. Import the saved file into Quickbooks.