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The NATS4 Members Admin allows you to manage your members, view information about their subscriptions and actions, and edit account information and permissions.

Members Admin

The Member Search section allows you to find specific members by using parameters such as Member ID, username, e-mail, address, name, country, etc. Using the search function lets you narrow down your member list through specific factors.

As of NATS version, the Members Admin now offers Basic and Advanced search forms. The basic form allows for searching by Username, E-Mail, Member ID, and Status (Never Joined, Active, Inactive, All). The Advanced Search Form offers a much wider variety of parameters to search by. These categories include:

  • Member Info - Search by basic member information, such as username, e-mail, login IP, address, status, member ID, etc.
  • Transaction Info - Search by subscription ID, transaction ID, biller, join IP, cascade, and transaction type (ex. initial, rebill, trial, chargeback, etc).
  • Site Info - Search by site, tour, or option.
  • Affiliate Info - Search by username, program, affiliate ID, NATSCode, and SubID
  • Date Range - Select what dates/time periods to pull member results from. This can be defined by the available drop-down menu (All Time, Today, This Week, etc.), or by a Freeform Date.

Members Table

Once your search has been executed, the Members list will show basic information about each matching member. This information includes:

  • Member ID - The ID number that NATS automatically assigns to a new member
  • Username/Password - The member's username will be displayed in the top row, and their password in the bottom row
  • Name/E-Mail - The member's real name will be displayed in the top row, and their e-mail in the bottom row
  • Site/Tour - This displays which site and affiliate tour the user registered through
  • Program/Affiliate - This displays which program and affiliate the member is associate with through NATS
  • Joined/Expired - This displays the member's join date in the top row, with when their membership is set to expire on the bottom row.

To the right of each member are several action icons:

  • View Member Details - This will bring you to the specified member's detail page, providing new information including the member's referring affiliate, subscriptions, and surfer actions.
  • Edit Member Details - This lets you change the member's recorded personal details, including their password and account status
  • Delete Member - Select this icon to delete a member. This option isn't always available; for more information, please see the Deleting Members section below

You can also get a complete CSV Dump of member data by clicking the "Full CSV Dump" button in the Member Search box at the top of the page. As of version, NATS4 also offers an "E-mail Dump" feature. This will only obtain dumps of members' e-mail addresses, an additional dump statistic, through the member search table.

As of version TBD, NATS4 also offers a "Search Dump" feature. This will allow you to upload a file with your search criteria in the following format with one condition per line.

  • <field name>==<field value>

Manually Adding a Member

NATS has the ability to manually create new members. This is useful in case a transaction is not processed properly, or if "add" user posts are not properly sending.

To add a new member, click the "Add Member" tab at the top of the page in the Members Admin. For more information on this feature, please see our NATS4 Add Member wiki article.

Member Listings

The Members Admin may list more members than sales because it also tracks surfers that failed to make a purchase after submitting member details. To see only members that have signed up for a site, select "Active" from the Status drop-down menu. To see only members that failed to make a purchase after submitting member details, select "Never Joined" from the Status drop-down menu. To see only members whose memberships have expired or were canceled, select "Inactive" from the Status drop-down menu.

Deleting Members

The Delete Member icon will only appear for members that can be deleted. Members associated with a biller typically can not be deleted. Usually, members not associated a biller were added manually.

As of NATS version, never joined members can be deleted if they were created more than than 7 days ago. This can be done either to a single member or by bulk deleting from the Members Admin.

Expiring Members

NATS offers multiple ways to set member expirations for your sites. This can be done through the Configuration Admin in the "Billers" section.

Each biller section in the Configuration Admin contains a setting labeled "SET_EXPIRE_XXX_DATE", where XXX is the name of the specified biller. This drop-down menu contains four options:

  • NATS Set - Sets a member to expire when told to do so by NATS
  • Biller Set - Sets a member to expire when told to do so by the biller.
  • Earliest - Chooses the earliest date of the two choices above.
  • Latest - Chooses the latest date of the two choices above.

"NATS Set" only sets a member to expire when it is told to do so by NATS. You can view a member's expire date by clicking the "View Member Details" action icon next to a particular member, and change their expire date by clicking the "Edit Member" action icon. "NATS Set" expires a member based on when they are set to expire in NATS, regardless of any configuration settings.

"Biller Set" only sets a member to expire when it is told to do so by a biller. Members that show up as "Expired" or "Canceled" in a biller but not in the NATS database indicate that the biller did not successfully inform NATS that the membership expired or was canceled. If this occurs, check in the Billers Admin to confirm the biller's polls and account information are up to date. As soon as the biller expires a member, NATS will automatically cancel that member's access. Even for a non-recurring membership, NATS won't show a member's expiration date -- it will wait for the biller to say a member is expired.

If you need help, please submit a ticket with our support team and one of our techs will assist you as soon as possible.

Trial Members

To add a trial member, click the "Add Member" tab at the top of the page in the Members Admin. On the form, input the trial member's username, password and expiration date. Select the site from the drop-down menu, and click the "Trial" checkbox. Once all required fields have been filled out, click the "Add Member" button to submit the form. If the "Trial" box was enabled, the new member will be created as a trial member, which limits their access to the trial area (if applicable).

On the members table in the NATS database, the "trial" column will be set to "0" for full members and "1" for trial members.

Logging Member Access

The Nats4 Member Logging article describes keeping a log of member logins.