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MySQL Server 5.x Requirement Information

Present versions of NATS3, RSSdish, and CARMA do not require MySQL 5 or greater yet, but in the near future, Too Much Media will require all NATS, RSSdish, and CARMA clients to upgrade to MySQL Server 5 or greater. MySQL 5.0 offers many improved and additional features that future software versions will use.

Important Settings and Features

The following settings ensuring your Too Much Media product works correctly:

MySQL server modes are almost all mutually exclusive, so setting one MySQL mode disables all other modes. MySQL Server has three different places to change settings: the my.cnf file (MySQL configuration file), the start-up switches, and the current session settings (both globally and for individual sessions).


Failure to turn ON unsigned subtraction causes potential problems with financial calculations. It makes absurdly large numbers appear in place of fairly small numbers.


Strict mode must be disabled for any Too Much Media product to function correctly. If any of the following modes are enabled, they must be disabled or removed: TRADITIONAL, STRICT_ALL_TABLES, or STRICT_TRANS_TABLES. These settings alter how MySQL handles default data types and null field values, which can adversely affect normal operation. As stated above for NO_UNSIGNED_SUBTRACTION, if you remove any pre-existing strict mode settings and make sure that NO_UNSIGNED_SUBTRACTION is set.

You can check your current MySQL server mode by connecting to the MySQL database and running the following queries:

     SELECT @@global.sql_mode;
     SELECT @@session.sql_mode;

Please Note: Too Much Media does not configure or support MySQL. Any issues related to repairing, installing, or configuring any server related component must be directed to your Host, Server Admin, or Server Technician.

Database Copy Errors

The following error, which sometimes occur when you copy your NATS database from one server to another, means you didn't escape the MySQL reserved word, cascade:

ERROR 1064 at line 678: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check
the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right
syntax to use near 'cascade char(16) NOT NULL default '', siteid int(10) unsigned

Escape the word cascade with a high comma (`) in the SQL query. Note: the high comma is also called a back-tic, and on US keyboards, it is usually left of the number 1 key.