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Applies to NATS v3.0.17 and greater

To force affiliates to send you W-9 forms before they get paid, go to the Configuration Admin, click the Reseller Tab, and turn on the RESELLER_US_W9 option. Once set, you must make template changes to tell affiliates what they must do before getting paid.

We suggest you make the following changes.

Edit the signup_done template. Tell U.S. affiliates they must download and send you the W-9 Form. For example:

{if $ == 'US'}
Please download a <a href="w9form.pdf">W-9 Form</a> and send it to us.

Edit the the member template. Bug affiliates who haven't sent in their form. For example:

{if !$usr_us_w9}
We haven't received your <a href="w9form.pdf">W-9 Form</a>; 
make sure you send it to us.

When you receive a W-9 Form, look up the affiliate and click the edit icon. Near the bottom, check the W-9 Received checkbox. The affiliate can now be paid.