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Starting in NATS Version 3, the Ad Tools Admin lets you import more than one hosted gallery simultaneously using the bulk importer. Before importing, you need a list of hosted galleries in a delimited text file. We call this list the dump.

Go to the Ad Tools Admin and click on the Bulk Importer tab. Select the site to get the imported galleries and click Go!. Select the gallery type and select the group if you would like to group it. Select the separator that appears between the fields in the dump. For example: | is pipe delimited or "," is comma delimited.

Select what fields should be filled in. You start off with three drop-downs. the Add Field button adds more drop-downs. The Remove Field button will remove the last drop-down. Each line of the export file starts with the top field and ends with the bottom field.

Copy and paste the dump into the large text box and click Import Hosted Ad Tools to import the dump.

Sample Dump

Sample dump using | as the separator and Name, Description, URL, and Items as the fields:

Valerie1|Valerie in a black dress|http://www.example.com/galleries/valerie/blkdress.html|20
Valerie2|Valerie in a blue dress|http://www.example.com/galleries/valerie/bludress.html|10
Valerie3|Valerie in a red dress|http://www.example.com/galleries/valerie/reddress.html|10
Valerie4|Valerie in a pink dress|http://www.example.com/galleries/valerie/pnkdress.html|10
Valerie5|Valerie in a white dress|http://www.example.com/galleries/valerie/whdress.html|20
Valerie6|Valerie in a yellow dress|http://www.example.com/galleries/valerie/ywdress.html|10