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NATS includes an options simulator feature allowing you to view all join options available on your join page for a site. This feature allows program owners to more easily view what options will be available for a site or a specific tour, program, affiliate, or natscode. You will also be able to view what xsells are available for specific join options and billers

To start using this feature, go to the sites admin and click on the tab labeled "Options Simulator". Select a Site in the Site dropdown and click "Search Options" to start viewing join options. You can specify another tour, program, or a specfic affiliate. You can also input the natscode which will override those fields.

In order to start viewing available xsells, specify a biller and cascade and any available xsells will show under join option it will be available for.

You also have the option to select the country the user is coming from and also the time they visit your join page. Only the options available for that country or time will be displayed on this page if specified.

Options simulator.png