NATS3 HTTPS Gateways

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There are three ways to secure a gateway with HTTPS:

You can get a SSL certificate for each linkdomain and prefix URLs that load this page with https: instead of http:.

You can get a single certificate for your domain and link to gateway_join.tpl. Note this sends the surfer's data using HTTPS, but the surfer loads the form using HTTP -- this means surfers may think they aren't on a secure form.

The last way set up HTTPS is to tell all the gateways to use one secure domain. You need to add the new domain to your list of NATS server aliases. This has the added benefit of displaying a secure page while only requiring one certificate. Go to Configuration Admin, click the Signup tab, and set the GATEWAY_HTTPS option to your secure sign-up domain. Make sure you include the "https://" For example: