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Shopping Cart Integration

Too Much Media can integrate your Shopping Cart. For more information on the cost of an integration, please open a support ticket. You can forgo our integration fee by doing it yourself, but please keep in mind that there will be an hourly charge for any support required during or as a result of this process.

Integration of a shopping cart should follow these guidelines:

  • Landing pages of the shopping cart need to create a NATS cookie and a NATS session variable with an expiration date. (normally 7-30 days)
  • When an order is placed the NATS cookie expiration should be extended. (normally 5 years)
  • Nats code needs to be stored in the shopping cart database with both the customer record and the order record.
  • When posting orders to NATS, the NATS code stored with the customer record should be preferred to the code stored with the order.

Recording Sales in NATS

To record a shopping card sale in NATS, add the following line to nats/includes/config.php:

  • $config['SHOP_ALLOWED_IPS'] = Array('');

Replace the IP address inside the single quotes with the IP address of your shopping cart.

Now have your shopping cart post the following parameters to the /signup/process_shop.php script on your NATS domain.

  • nats - The linkcode code of this sale
  • ip - The ip of the surfer doing the sale
  • amount - The amount of the sale in USD cents.

Extra Parameters

You can send the following extra parameters:

  • transid - The ID of the transaction from inside the shopping cart.
  • username - you can send the shopper's username along and NATS will
    • If you send a username, you must send transid
  • password
  • email
  • firstname
  • lastname
  • address1
  • address2
  • zip
  • city
  • state
  • country - ISO 2 letter code
  • shipping_firstname
  • shipping_lastname
  • shipping_address1
  • shipping_adderss2
  • shipping_zip
  • shipping_city
  • shipping_state
  • shipping_country - ISO 2 letter code
  • custom1
  • custom2