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Internal templates in NATS can only be accessed after logging in to the system, and are usually prefaced with admin_ or affiliate_. External templates are the pages that can be accessed without logging in -- these begin with external_. Templates in the default skin cannot be edited, as these will get automatically updated and lose prior changes when we update the default skin.

We also recommend that you do not change any templates prefaced by admin_, as we update these frequently with new additions to the system. If you would like to edit your templates or use custom templates, you must add a new skin by clicking the "Add Skin" icon in the Skins & Templates Admin. The following is a list of templates that our clients frequently edit:

  • external_access -- Produces the login boxes after a failed login
  • external_contact -- Create your own contact page
  • external_footer -- Lower portion of your external pages
  • external_header -- Upper portion of your external pages; contains the links and the login boxes.
  • external_index -- Page displayed as the index of the NATS system; the external home page.
  • mail_owner_* -- Email notifications sent to the program owner
  • mail_affiliate -- Email notifications sent to affiliates
  • affiliate_index -- Page displayed as the index of the internal NATS system; the internal home page.
  • affiliate_* -- Affiliate pages
  • external_password -- Page produced when the forgot password link is clicked.
  • external_password_sent -- Page stating that the password has been sent to the provided email address.
  • external_programs -- External page for listing programs.
  • external_signup -- Produces the reseller signup form
  • external_signup_payvia -- Produces the advanced reseller signup form
  • external_signup_done -- Page displayed after a reseller account has been created
  • external_sites -- External page for listing sites.

Hiding Headers and Footers

If you want to never use a header or footer for the template you are editing in the Skins & Templates Admin, choose "No Header" and "No Footer" from the drop-down boxes at the top of the page.

Hiding Your Header and Footer