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NATS3 Mailing Admin
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Mailer Template Variables

Adding Emails to the Remove List

Go to the Remove Lists tab of your Mailing Admin. There is a field for both Webmasters and Members. Add the email to the correct list (one per line) and click Store Lists.

Creating a Monthly Recurring Mail

On the Mailing Admin, create a new mail. When selecting the Send On value, fill in the date number followed by 'of every month'. For example: "1st of every month." The email will now be sent out on this date every month.

Email Opt-out / Unsubscribe

Affiliates can choose to not receive emails sent by the Mail admin. On the affiliate login screen, the edit link lets affiliates mark the Please Do Not Send Any Mailings To Me option.

When you send an email, use the Send Only option and the email will only be sent to affiliates that want it.

Opt-out Link in Email Body

Add the following link to the bottom of your email to let the members choose not to receive further emails.

Add the following link to the bottom of your email to let the affiliates choose not to receive further emails.

If you would like to generate a custom unsubscribe link per affiliate using HTML, you can add this code to this bottom of the page, changing "Unsubscribe" to whichever text you wish to display:

<a href="http://linkdomain/unsubscribe.php?userid={$loginid}&email={$email}">Unsubscribe</a>

Replace domain with your domain.

Member Email Opt-in Checkbox

Let your members choose to receive mails by adding the following code to your join form template:

<input type="checkbox" name="signup[mailok]" value=1 checked>

Smarty Email Error

If you or your affiliates receive an email with the following Smarty error, you created an email without a body. Please fill in the body of all emails.

Warning: Smarty error: unable to read resource: "var:body" in /var/www/nats/Smarty-2.6.7/libs/Smarty.class.php on line 1083

Inserting Linkcodes in Affiliate Email

Insert the following line to insert an affiliate's linkcode into an email.


Replace program with a program's ID number. Replace site with a site's ID number. If the affiliate isn't in the program you provide, the code will not be printed.

You can also test for the linkcode in an if statement:

{if $nats_code[p][s]}


If the links you are sending have a direct page to link to the following would be used to pass the nats code correctly without breaking the link{if $nats_code[p][s]}{$nats_code[p][s]}{else}{*a default natscode*}{/if}

If the links you are sending do not have a direct page to link to and only a path, you will need to do the following:{if $nats_code[p][s]}{$nats_code[p][s]}{else}{*a default natscode*}{/if}