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Outgoing Gateway Cross Sales
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The following instructions describe how to notify a NATS Gateway about a cross sell with an external program. These instructions only apply to the NATS gateways. If you want NATS to perform the cross-sell transaction, please read the Process Gateway Cross Sales Outside NATS instructions instead.

The NATS program receiving the cross sell must setup the incoming cross sell in the Cross Sells Admin and enter the IP address of the program sending the cross sell into the gateway's specific IP address array. For instructions about this array, please see the Incoming Gateway Cross Sell Setup instructions.

The sending program must determine the receiving URL, which differs depending on the biller:

Replace domain with the receiving NATS domain.

You must send the following field in a HTTP GET or POST:

  • ext: This must be set for the request to be processed (for example, ext=1)

NATS will get the member information from the biller, but you may optionally provide your own by adding it to the _data array in your HTTP GET or POST. Specific information from the biller overrides specific information you send; for example, if you both send the member's username, NATS uses the username sent by the biller. You can use any of the following fields:

  • username
  • password
  • email
  • address1
  • address2
  • city
  • state
  • zip
  • country
  • firstname
  • lastname

For example, to send the required information plus the members username and password in the HTTP GET to the Netbilling cross sell gateway on example.com, use the following URL: