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Adding a New Program

Creating a new Enabled or Disabled Program in the Programs Admin. You may customize the program options and configure the payout settings after adding the program. Similar to Cascades, programs must be associated with sites that accept traffic from this Program. You must make those associations after the program is added -- otherwise the Program will not work properly.

Creating a New Program

Go to Programs Admin and click either the Create a New Enabled Program or Create a New Disabled Program link.

  • Enabled Programs automatically enroll all affiliates when they create a new account.
  • Disabled Programs do not automatically enroll affiliates.

Special Note: new enabled programs do not automatically enroll current affiliates. For more details, please see the Programs Admin article.

Extended Payouts

The Payout Extension Description describes an extended payout. For example a dating site can create a special extended payout that pays $1.00 for every free profile created and authenticated. This field describes that payout since extended payouts are not included in the payout description. (Please ask technical support to help you setup extended payouts.)

Configuring Payout Settings

To edit the Program Default Payouts, click the right-side Edit icon. To add custom payouts for a specific affiliates, entering the affiliate's username in the Username box, fill out the payout fields, and click the Add button.

Applying this Program to your Sites

You must associate your program with a site before affiliates can use the program in that site. If this association is not made, then those programs or cascades are not available for those sites. Adding sites to a Program from the Programs Admin can be done individually or globally. You may add specific sites or all sites in NATS to this program.