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UpgradePlus lets you shorten a Member's Trial by offering them incentives to upgrade in your Members Area. The member needs to complete the upgrade and then you need to update your member record.

Give the following link to your users to upgrade them:

  • http://<linkdomain>/signup/upgradeplus.php?site=<siteid>&username=<username>

Replace <linkdomain> with the site's linkdomain. Replace <siteid> with the site's NATS site I.D. number. Replace <username> with the user's NATS username.

For some billers, you need to send extra information. NATS keeps things simple: you can include all of the information for all of you billers in one URL and NATS will filter out any information that isn't needed by the member's specific biller. For example, Epoch requires you set the Return URL:

  • http://<linkdomain>/signup/upgradeplus.php?site=<siteid>&username=<username>&returnurl=http://<linkdomain>/signup/epoch_upgradeplus_returnurl.php

If a CCBill member uses the the upgrade URL above, NATS removes the Epoch Return URL field and only sends CCBill the information it needs.

For the list of fields you need to send each biller, please check the biller's instructions in the Biller Instruction's list on the right.


In NATS, you can replace <username> with <?=$_SERVER['REMOTE_USER']?>. In CARMA, you can replace <username> with {$username}.

Updating Member Records

After the biller upgrades the member, you need to update their account in your system. This means they probably need to login again.

If you use MySQL Auth in your Server to authenticate members using the NATS members table, you can add an additional check to see if a member is in their trial or full membership and give them the right access respectively. Go to Sites Admin and enter the the login page URL in the Upgrade Approval URL field or set up a Upgrade Approval Template that re-logs in the user.

If you use your own user management system, you can use the Upgrade Post URL to send upgrade notifications to your own scripts. Your scripts should mark the member as upgrade. If your system requires the user to log in again, use the Upgrade Approval URL or Upgrade Approval Template as described above.

Multiple Sites

If you have members area shared across multiple sites and can't be sure which site the member is coming from, you can send a comma separated list of siteids instead of just one. To do this, use the siteids field instead of the site field.

  • http://<linkdomain>/signup/upgradeplus.php?siteids=<siteid1>,<siteid2>&username=<username>&returnurl=http://<linkdomain>/signup/epoch_upgradeplus_returnurl.php

Replace <linkdomain> with the site's linkdomain. Replace <siteid1> with the first site's NATS site I.D. number, <siteid2> with the I.D. of the second site, etc. Replace <username> with the user's NATS username.

See Also

  • Fake Upgrade -- Enable upgrades for billers that don't support upgrades