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"Nextra" Features

Some billers offer hundreds, or even thousands, of modifiable options on their join form, which we refer to as "Nextra" features.

NATS4 lets you modify these extra features through a simple process, in order to take advantage of these options.

Nextra features can be used with NATS by simply adding the keyword nextra to any HTML name field, followed by your selected biller's shortname, and then the special value you want to edit, enclosed in brackets. Simply use the following format:

nextra[Biller Shortname][Special Value]

Note: If necessary, you can find your biller's shortname through the Billers Admin. Every biller shortname will be listed in the "Current Billers" table in the "Shortname" column.

Usage Examples

For example, you can send the "date" special value to CCBill by using any of the following examples:

  • <input type="hidden" name="nextra[CCBILL][date]" value="2006-06-11">
  • <input type="text" name="nextra[CCBILL][date]">
  • <textarea name="nextra[CCBILL][date]" cols="10" rows="10"></textarea>

These types of actions can be performed with a variety of billers as well. For example, you can send the same special value (or Nextra value) to NetBilling with this feature.

To do so, just add a Nextra command like the example provided below (or the examples provided above):


For NetBilling and other gateway billers, this will need to be placed on the gateway_join template instead of the join template.