NATS3 Affiliate Signup

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Required Checkboxes

To force affiliates to accept your terms of service, you can require affiliates mark a checkbox on your join form. Add the following code to the form part of the the signup0 template:

<input name="signup[nostore_agree_to_terms:1]" value="0" type="hidden">
<input name="signup[nostore_agree_to_terms:1]" value="1" type="checkbox">

NATS ensures this checkbox is marked before allowing the affiliate to sign-up.

Note: you also want to add a link or a copy of your terms of services to template and add some text next to the checkbox.

Advanced Sign-up

If you setup more than one PayVia (payment type) for affiliates, you can let new affiliates use the advanced affiliate signup form. The advanced affiliate signup form gives affiliates a choice between payment types when they signup to an affiliate program. Enable or add the following configuration file option:


Now NATS will use the advanced sign up and edit forms: signup_adv0.tpl and members_edit_adv.tpl.