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Creating a Join Option

To create a Join Option, navigate to the Sites Admin. From the list of Sites, choose a Site whose "Join Options" you want to edit. Click the Cash 16x16.gif icon associated with desired Site. This will open the "Join Options for this Site" page. Below that will be the "Add New Join Option" section from which a new "Join Option" can be created. There are several fields that can be populated.

  • Purchase Details (Token Sites only) specifies the amount charged a member for specified amount of tokens.
  • Free Pre-Initial (Membership and Store Sites only) allows a member to have access to the site for the period specified by the recurring period.
  • Initial Cost (Membership and Store Sites only) specifies the amount to be charged a member for the initial join and the period in days.
  • Recurring Cost (Membership and Store Sites only) specifies the amount charged a member for all subsequent periods and their period in days.
    • Note: When Recurring days are set, and are set to a greater amount than the Initial days, the join option will be considered a TRIAL.
  • Join Form Text specifies the description of the membership option on the join page.
  • Disallow For All Old Members lets you forbid old members from signing-up for this join option.
  • Active For All Tours allows this join option to be available for all tours in this site.

Join Option edit page for "Membership" Sites

Note: There are no "Join Options" for 3rd Party and Affiliate Sites.

After populating the fields with the necessary information, click the "Add this Join Option" button to create the "Join Option".

  • Note: NATS4 now offers a No Cost Registration join option, which allows surfers to register for a site without getting redirected to a biller form or getting charged for signing up. For more information, please see our No Cost Registration article.

For information on creating "Join Option Rules" see: Join Option Rules

Join Option edit page for "Token" Sites