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Mailer Template Variables

NATS3 allows you to customize the content seen by your members for each e-mail event in the Sites Admin. Along with the basic Smarty Template capabilities, you can also use certain variables to add transaction-specific data into the e-mail body. This article describes the special templates that you have access to in the mail_members_chargebacked e-mail template.

Available Variables

The mail_members_chargebacked mailing template supports an assortment of Smarty variables, which can be used to provide members information about their chargeback transaction. This includes information such as the member's program, biller information, and chargeback fee. The full list of available Smarty variables is as follows:

  • $campaign - Contains the campaign used by an affiliate
  • $cost - The biller fee charged for that transaction.
  • $member_data - Contains all relevant member information for that transaction.
  • $billername - The name of the biller used to process the transaction.
  • $orderid - The transaction ID number of the chargeback.
  • $amount - The dollar amount of the chargeback transaction in xxx.yy form.
  • $sitename - The name of the site that the member received a credit from.

Insert any of these variables into your mailing template to provide the member performing the chargeback with information regarding the transaction. You can insert as many Smarty variables as you wish in your NATS e-mails, to include as much information as you wish.


You can provide the member with the name of the site they received a chargeback from, as well as the dollar amount and the biller they processed the transaction through with the following. You can even add the chargeback fee assessed to the member (if applicable) with the following:

Your chargeback from {$sitename} has successfully been processed through {$billername}. The chargeback amount has been assessed a biller fee of {$cost}, and your total chargeback amount is {$amount}.