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International Wire is included in NATS4. NATS4 administrators can skip these instructions.

Go to the Payments Admin, click the PayVia tab, and go to the Currently Configured Dump Formats section. Name the new dump and click Add. Enter the following example:

Dump Header

International Wire dump format
Date | Name | Account | Amount | Address, City, State, Country, Zip Code | Bank | Bank Address, City, State, Country, Zip Code

Entry Header

{$date_today_short} | {$pv_name} | {$pv_account} | {$total} | {$pv_address1}, {$pv_address2}, {$pv_city}, {$pv_state}, {$pv_country}, {$pv_zipcode} | {$pv_bank} | {$pv_bank_address1}, {$pv_bank_address2}, {$pv_bank_city}, {$pv_bank_state}, {$pv_bank_country}, {$pv_bank_zip_code}

Leave the other boxes blank and save.

Go to the Advanced Reseller Join Form section, enter a name, and click Add. Use "inter" as the shortname and fill in the details. Select International Wire from the drop-down and save.

If your affiliates choose a International Wire PayVia, they will see the output of the signup_adv_via_inter template, which you can edit.