NATS4 Geo-Target Join Options

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NATS gives you the option of localizing your pre-join form and to a surfer's country. One form can offer different join options to surfers from different countries, allowing a great deal of flexibility in offering certain payment methods. NATS detects surfers' countries through your IP.

Multiple Currency Setup

NATS records all transactions in its base currency. This base currency, which is usually set to U.S. Dollars (USD), is set during installation of your NATS build and cannot be changed. NATS only records transactions in its base currency, but you can create join options that will accept other countries. However, you must first tell NATS what exchange rate to use.

To set your exchange rates go to the Configuration Admin, select "Currency - All" from the drop-down menu, and click Change Section. On the next page, find the currency you want to accept, and fill in the current exchange rate. You must update this currency table whether exchange rates change, as NATS will not automatically update them for you.

Setting Currency Exchange Rates

Join Options

To create a specific join option for other countries, go to the Sites Admin and edit or create a tour. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find a join option you wish to edit, or create a new join option. When you click the Set Display Rules icon, the two options you want to edit are "Type" and "Country".

  • Type- A SHOW rule will show the join option for whatever country or countries you select, while a HIDE rule will disallow this join option for the country or countries marked in this rule.
  • Country- Select what surfer countries you want to allow or disallow access to this join option.

Geo-Targeting Join Option Rules

NATS allows you to create multiple rules, so you can set additional parameters for your join options, such as only allowing the join option for a select number of countries.