NATS Load Balancing Module

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Each server requires its own license.

Your host should setup load balancing. Please talk to them about the following points.

  1. The NATS cronjobs should only run on the MAIN server.
  2. All administration pages should only be viewed from the MAIN server
  3. All biller postbacks should be sent to the MAIN server
  4. Most files and folders should be synchronized (using the program, rsync) from that MAIN server to the other servers.
  5. The template_c directory is an exception to this. There are a few possible ways to handle this directory:
    1. On each of the load balanced servers, symlink this directory to the main servers template_c.
    2. Setup a script to rsync these files from the main server, and also to check if the files have been removed; if so, remove them.
    3. Setup a script to automatically clear the files from this directory on the other servers periodically.
  6. You should not include the backups and logs directories in the rsync.
  7. You should not include the includes/config.php, www/signup/error.log, includes/sql_failure.log, and includes/error.log in the rsync.