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Please don't test your biller setup with NATS3 StandardBill's test account—it won't work correctly.

NATS4 StandardBill

Setting Up On StandardBill's Website

If you wish to become a merchant and use StandardBill as a payment processor in NATS3, you must first register an account with them at their website. This can be done at

Please note: StandardBill uses the term Access Keyword to describe two different settings. To distinguish the two different settings, I've placed my own terms in brackets after the Netbilling terms.

To process transactions, in the StandardBill administration panel under "Setup" -> "Access Security", check the box next to "Enable Native Direct Mode v.3 (SAS) Channel" and enter your server's IP address in the box labeled "Specify Trusted Static IP Addresses allowed to originate Direct Mode transactions". Transactions will not process through StandardBill if you don't do this.

Reporting keyword: You need to add a reporting keyword for each site you set up in StandardBill. You can do this by going to "Setup" -> "Sitetags" -> "config" for each site -> under the section "Scriptable Reporting Interface", there is a box for "Access keywords" [Reporting Keyword]. You will need to enter a keyword here to be added later in the NATS admin -- this step is necessary for each of your sites.

Also, under "Setup" -> "Access Security" -> "Scriptable Reporting Interface", you need to check the box next to "Enable Scriptable Reporting Interface v1.x" and add your server's IP address to the "Reporting Client IP Addresses section". This is necessary in order to track rebills, refunds, chargebacks, etc.

Setting Up StandardBill in NATS

Before you can begin setting up StandardBill in NATS3, you must first have PHP's mcrypt function installed. Please see the official PHP documentation for more information.

Billers Admin

To begin setting up StandardBill as a biller in NATS3, go to the Billers Admin. Scroll down to the "Setup New Biller" drop-down menu, choose StandardBill, and click Add.

Note: If you don't see StandardBill, put in a support ticket, as you may need an upgraded version of NATS.

When prompted, enter your StandardBill Account ID and Dynamic IP code. Once you have filled in the required fields, click Save.

Sites Admin

Next, go to the sites admin, create or edit a tour, and scroll down to the "Biller Details" section. Enter your StandardBill Site Tag and Access Keyword [Reporting Keyword]. You can find both of these by logging into StandardBill, going to Setup, Site Tools, and Site Tags -- the site tag is on the main browse sites screen; the access keyword [Reporting Keyword] is under the Scriptable Reporting Interface link.

You may also enter an Access Keyword [Control Keyword] for cross-sells and instant upgrades (see below).

StandardBill Cross Sells

In StandardBill, under "Setup" -> "Credit Cards" -> "Step 6", you need to check the box to "Enable PCI Repeat Billing". If you are going to be up-selling or cross-selling to your own StandardBill account, you do not need to enter any account numbers into the text box in Step 6. If you are going to be up-selling or cross-selling to different StandardBill accounts, you need to enter those StandardBill account numbers into the text box.

To begin setting up cross sells in NATS3, go to the Cross Sells Admin. On this page, you will see tabs for both outgoing and incoming cross sells. Instructions for both types of transactions are provided below:

Outgoing Cross Sales

To begin setting up an outgoing cross sell in NATS3, click the "Outgoing" tab at the top of the page. Select StandardBill from the "Biller" drop-down menu and click "Add".

When prompted, enter your Account, Site Tag, Pass Code, Initial Days, Initial Dollars, Recurring Days, Recurring Dollars, Ref Code and Integrity Key. These should be provided by the person you are sending cross sells to.

The domain is the base domain of their NATS install. For example, if their NATS is at, then is the domain you need to enter. Only set the domain if the cross sell goes to another affiliate program. The domain should not be set if the cross sale is for another site in your program.

Once this is entered and you have activated the cross sell for a join open you need to modify the accompanying site's gateway_join template. What will need to be added to this template is the following;

{gateway_xsell}{if $have_xsells}{foreach from=$xsells item="xsell"}<input type="checkbox" name="signup[xsell][]" value="{$}" checked>{$xsell.description}{/foreach}{/if}

This will automatically display a checkbox accompanied by the description entered in the Cross Sells Admin. If you enter a disclaimer in the Cross Sells Admin then you can also access that via the {$xsell.disclaimer} Smarty function.

You will also have to contact your partners and have them change the ip for you in their XSELL_STANDARDBILL_SECURE_IPS configuration variable. This can be found in either their config.php or their config_override.php file.

Incoming Cross Sales

To set up an incoming cross sell, go to the Cross Sells Admin and click on the Incoming Cross Sells tab. Select StandardBill from the "Biller" drop down menu, and click "Add."

When prompted, enter the StandardBill Account ID number that you want to be used for this cross sell, the site tag that you want this cross sell associated with, and your StandardBill pass code, which is generated by you. Initial Days, Initial Dollars, Recurring Days, and Recurring Dollars are the initial and recurring period and costs for this join option. Enter your Integrity Key, Domain, and discount upgrade price (must be setup in StandardBill's sytem first).

For affiliates to send you cross sales (or you to send cross sales to yourself), you'll need to add the necessary IPs to your XSELL_STANDARDBILL_SECURE_IPS configuration variable.

Upgrade Subscription

To set up an Upgrade subscription, you need to use the following link in your limited members area for user upgrades:

  • http://<linkdomain>/signup/upgradeplus.php?site=<siteid>&username=<username>

In the above example, <linkdomain> is the linkdomain for the site, <siteid> is the siteid for the site in NATS, and <username> is the username for the user that is trying to upgrade (To get the Username via PHP you would use <?=$_SERVER['REMOTE_USER']?>)

You will also need to add this line to your configuration file to turn on the trials with StandardBill; $config['STANDARDBILL_UPGRADES'] = 1;