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Freeform Dates are a method of expressing time and date used in multiple areas by NATS. This provides a more open and often faster way of expressing dates, as you will simply be able to type in the date instead of choosing from drop-down menus or other methods.

Expressing Freeform Dates

Freeform dates can be expressed in one of two ways. You can use keywords such as TODAY, YESTERDAY, TOMORROW, NEVER, NOW, and ALL TIME to express dates that will automatically adjust themselves. For example, YESTERDAY will always display results for the day before the current day.

Another way to express freeform dates is through Year-Month-Day (yyyy-mm-dd) form. For example: June 28, 2010 in freeform date form would be expressed as 2010-06-28.

Freeform dates can be used in a variety of NATS functions, particularly the Search function and rules. For example, there is a Freeform option in the Member Search Box (found in the members admin), as well as the Payments Admin, Mailing Admin, etc.

Members Admin Freeform Date Box