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NATS Setup
Post-Installation Steps
Apache Configuration
MySQL Settings
Creating Admin Accounts
Multiple Server Setup
Using Memcached for Caching
File Upload Setup
Link Domain
NATS4 Files and Directories
NATS4 Go Live Checklist
NATS3 to NATS4 Going Live Checklist
Moving NATS4
Members Admin
The Members Admin
View Member Details
Add Member
MySQL Auth
Mod Authn DB
Multisite Access
Member Logging
Member Password Retrieval
OpenID Connect
Mod Auth OpenIDC
ID Numbers

Moving NATS Install URL to HTTPS

  • Allow access to license.php from both http and https connections, then open a new ticket with us and we will get in contact to update your NATS installation URL in our CMS and confirm remote license updates are working, then you can revoke http access to the license page
  • Enable PROJECT_HOSTNAME_DISPLAY_HTTPS in Configuration Admin > Home Section (Available in NATS and up)
  • If you use the NATS API, any calls will need to be updated to use https URLs
  • If you use member login logging, you will want to update the URL for these requests to use https

Moving Site Linkdomains to HTTPS

  • If you are running NATS version or below, please submit an upgrade ticket with us to add the HTTPS tour settings
  • You will need to update the post URL's for EACH of your billers. Please login to the biller's side and update your postback URL to use the new https:// linkdomains
  • Enable HTTPS postbacks for any internal xsells or upsells and inform any clients sending you xsells/upsells to enable HTTPS postbacks
  • Enable 'Allow HTTPS on redirects and tracking links' and 'Display HTTPS for tracking links' in tour settings
  • Review your sites/tours to ensure all join links (signup buttons, links, etc) are updated to use the 'https' protocol.
  • Review resources used on your NATS join page and ensure that they are using https, otherwise you may end up with 'mixed content warnings' by most commonly used internet browsers.
  • For redirecting traffic from http to https, please contact your host to set this up. For these redirects, please have them ensure their setup will allow the REQUEST (query string) to be properly carried over to the HTTPS version of the url.

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