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Warning: After you apply these changes, you cannot undo them.

CARMA allows you to add watermarks to any image in your CARMA system. This allows you to quickly alter images within CARMA without needing to use any image editing software. CARMA also allows you to edit your image's properties and add image text to your images if you so choose.

To add a watermark to an already existing image, go to the Gallery Content Admin, choose a Content Set you want to add a text string for, and click the "Thumbnail List" action icon. On the thumbnails page, select an image you wish to edit and click the "Edit" action icon below the image.

You will then be taken to the "Image Settings" page, where you will be able to add watermarks to your chosen image. On the right side of the page you will see a preview of your image with the adjustments you have made, allowing you to instantly view your changes.

Adding Watermarks to your images in CARMA

The bottom-most fields, titled "Watermarks", allow you to add a watermark of choosing to your image. This allows you to brand any images found on your site, preventing others from using your images for their purposes. To add a watermark to your image(s), fill in the URL or Server Path of your watermark image in the "Image" field. You can then choose to resize the watermark to your specifications, change the level of opacity in the image, and choose the location for your watermark to appear. When you are done filling in the available fields, click "Set" to add your watermark.

You can choose to apply any changes you have made on this page to either your selected image only, or to ALL images that can be found in that gallery. To do so, either click the "Apply Changes to this Image" or the "Apply Changes to ALL Images in Gallery" button to save your changes. Your images will now be edited to your specifications, and all members who view those images will see them with your changes made.

Applying Your Image Changes in CARMA