CARMA Requirements

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CARMA Requirements
CARMA Changelog

Hardware Requirements

Although CARMA won't increase the load on your web server by much, we suggest you get good hardware so your members' area loads quickly every time.

Software Requirements

CARMA Requires the following software:

  • Linux, Unix, BSD, OS X, or Darwin
  • Apache
  • mod_PHP
    • Supported Versions: 4.4 or above, and below 5.3
    • MySQL support via mysql_connect()
    • GD support (version 1.8 or higher)
    • freetype support
    • In your server's php.ini:
      • Enable short_open_tag
      • Disable php register_globals
      • Set the php max_execution_time to 300 or disable it
      • Set the php memory_limit to at least 64M
    • Apache and the CLI must allow exec commands from PHP
  • MySQL (up to 5.2)
  • CVS
  • Image Magick
  • MPlayer with all codecs
  • zip (optional)
  • mencoder (optional)
  • flvtool2 (optional)
  • Ioncube
    • If possible ensure the "enable_dl" setting is turned on in php.ini

You don't need the optional requirements, but if you don't install them, you can't use the features that depend on them. You only need flvtool2 and mencoder if you want CARMA to convert videos to Flash.

64-bit FreeBSD Codec Incompatibility

Note: if you use 64-bit FreeBSD, you may not be able to encode videos in some formats. This isn't a problem with CARMA -- some video codecs don't run on 64-bit FreeBSD. If you have any concerns about whether this note affects you, please contact your host.

Dedicated Server Required

For numerous reasons, CARMA will not be installed on a shared server (this includes VPS systems and cloud servers). Performance issues, load issues, permissions issues, and directory restriction issues are just some of the potential reasons why it has been determined that CARMA installations on a shared server cannot realistically be done. It's also common that shared servers will use control panel programs and/or have too many restrictions on functionality to operate properly or predictably.