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The CARMA Actors Statistics page displays a variety of important statistics regarding your actors, breaking down each available statistic by actor.

The Actors Statistics page helps to analyze the popularity of actors featured in your CARMA content sets, as it provides member ratings for your actors, as well as member views of their content.

Actor's Stats

The Actor's Stats list provides a list of actors in your CARMA system, along with a breakdown of various statistics sorted by actor ID. Here, you can view the lowest, average, and highest ratings that members have left for that actor. You can also see how many times pages or content featuring that actor have been viewed by members. These statistics include:

  • actorid - The ID number for each actor featured on your site. This number is automatically assigned by CARMA.
  • Name - The name of the actor.
  • Gender - The actor's gender.
  • Ratings (Lowest, Average, Highest) - Ratings that members have left on comment sets featuring a particular actor. Includes the lowest overall rating, and average of all ratings, and the highest overall rating.
  • Views (Raw, Unique, Average) - How many times content sets featuring a particular actor have been viewed. Includes Raw views, Unique views, and Average views (an average of how many times a member views an actor).

The CARMA Actor's Stats Page

Clicking an "actorid" number takes you to the CARMA Actors Admin, where you can search for a particular actor, or view detailed information about that particular actor.

Clicking a Gender will filter the list to only display Actors of that particular gender. You can also use the "Show" links at the top of the page to filter the list by actor's gender.

The bottom of the "Actor's Stats" table provides totals for all values found in the table. By scrolling to the bottom of the page, you will be able to view totals for content ratings and content views for all of your combined.