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RSSDish lets you create an unlimited number of dynamic or static RSS feeds. Static feeds can contain an unlimited number of items (articles) written by authors or yourself. Dynamic feeds create items by pulling data from one or more databases.

Each feed can be assigned to a specific group. RSSDish administrators can setup an unlimited number of groups. The admin can give authors permission to edit only particular feeds.

Dynamic feeds can pull data from the NATS database and can customize the output for the affiliate reading the feed. All information available in NATS can now be sent to each affiliate through an RSS feed.

Each feed has its own RSS and HTML URLs. The HTML version can be customized using Smarty.

Advanced Features

  • Pull information directly from any database
  • Link directly to the affiliate area of NATS without requiring a login
  • Use Smarty code in any part of your feeds
  • Create access levels for your employees
  • View and save your favorite external feeds
  • All feeds can be cached by Smarty to speed up loading time
  • Each Group can have its own set of templates for the HTML displays
  • Feed URLs do not need to include the RSSdish admin domain