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CARMA allows you to rotate any images that will appear in your site's photo galleries. This is useful, as you can simply rotate any mis-aligned images within CARMA instead of using external image editing software.

To rotate your images, simply go to the Gallery Content Admin and find the photo gallery you wish to rotate images in. Once you have found that gallery, click the "Thumbnail List" action icon.

On the next available page, you will see a thumbnail display of all images in your selected photo gallery. These images have a variety of action icons listed under them, allowing you to perform multiple operations on these images.

To rotate images displayed in your gallery, simply use the "Turn Left" and "Turn Right" Purple action arrows; this will rotate that specified image left or right.

You can repeat this step for all images in your gallery, allowing you to rotate or un-rotate any images that will be displayed. Once you have finished making your changes, click "Save Tour and Thumb Changes". Your images will now be rotated in the way that you specified.