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Configuration Admin
The Configuration Admin
CARMA Configuration Variables
Video Format

The CARMA Configuration Admin works in conjunction with the CARMA configuration file, allowing clients a great deal of flexibility in customizing their CARMA install. The configuration file is stored in the CARMA directory on your server as carma/includes/config.php

Configuration Options

The Configuration Admin offers a variety of categories, and a variety of configuration options within those categories, for you to fully customize your CARMA with. The following settings can be found in the CARMA Configuration Admin:


CARMA Project Settings

  • PROJECT_NAME / NICE_NAME - Used on various CARMA templates to print the name of your CARMA. For example: NICE_NAME is used to name the news section on members.php. You can change these to anything.
  • PROJECT_HOSTNAME - Your program's Ct#domain. If you change this, you should setup an Apache virtual host for the hold value so that your old links continue to work. Warning: setting this to a bad value will break NATS.
  • TMM_PRODUCT_CODE - Identifies your system for the automatic license update. Do not change this unless TMM tells you to.

Image/Video Manipulation

CARMA Image/Video Manipulation Settings

  • MAKE_PROCESSES_NICE - Causes external programs that generate video and images to run at a lower priority. This causes your server to be under less strain when a video is converting.
  • FLASH_MATCH_SOURCE - Ignores parameters set up for flash videos on the Video Formats page. This will instead make CARMA try to match the flash video's source file when converting.
  • NO_BFRAMES_CHECK - De-activates the no bframes warning during flash creation. B-Frames are used for data compression in flash videos.
  • SHARPER_IMAGES - Choose whether to use GD Functions (a PHP function) to make your images appear sharper.
  • SHARPER_IMAGE_XXX - Allows you to configure the SHARPER_IMAGES configuration option. Set a numeric value in these fields to further configure your image sharpening functions (50 to 200 for "AMOUNT", 0.5 to 1 for "RADIUS", 0 to 5 for "THRESHOLD".

Video Import Settings

CARMA Video Import Settings

  • FORK_VIDEO_IMPORT - Allows CARMA to import videos in the background. This speeds up most video imports, and allows administrators to perform other actions while videos are importing.
  • VIDEO_SORT_TIMEOUT - Set how long you want the server to wait for the video import process before timing out.

Verify Rules

CARMA Verify Rules Settings

  • NO_VERIFY_AUTOS_CONTENT - Disables automatic updating of scheduled content when you add/remove content.
  • NO_VERIFY_AUTOS_DESCRIBE - Disables the automatic updating of scheduled content when you categorize and describe content.

Cache Settings

CARMA Cache Settings

  • NO_SMARTY_CACHE - Disables the use of Smarty caching for member areas and site tours.
  • SMARTY_CACHE_LIFE - Set how long (in seconds) that a page will be cached for the members area and site tours.

CDN Configuration

CARMA CDN Configuration Settings

  • USE_CDN - Choose if you want to use a CDN (content distribution network) to maximize bandwidth for access to your content.
  • CDN_IMAGE_XXX - Set a minimum width and height of images to send to CDN. Leave these fields as "0" or blank to disable this check.

Misc Configuration

CARMA Miscellaneous Configuration Settings

  • ALLOW_FORK - Allows CARMA to run long tasks in the background.
  • DISABLE_ADMIN_AREA_UPDATES - Restricts updates of administrator areas for remote IPs.
  • XXX_NO_SESSION - Allows surfers or members without sessions to browse the tour or members areas of your sites. This is useful for members on mobile devices.
  • REMOVE_DB_ONLY - Allows you to remove a file from the CARMA database, but have it remain on the server.
  • USE_XSENDFILE - Allows you to use X-SendFile for video or image output. For more information, please see our X-Sendfile wiki article.
  • MEMBER_TRACK_VIEW_XXX - Tracks member clicks from viewing clips or images. If this setting is on, every clip/image view will be counted as a hit.

Database Settings

CARMA Database Settings

These settings cannot be changed by clients. If you wish to change these settings, please submit a support ticket.