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CARMA contains a feature that allows you to create a .ZIP file of any gallery content or individual content on your site.

Setting Up Zip

In order to use this feature, you must have PHP's Zip function installed on your server.

After you have installed Zip on your server, you must set its path in the Configuration Admin. This option can be found under "Image/Video Manipulation" in the Configuration Admin, and is called "Zip". The default path set in the configuration file is /usr/local/bin/zip.

Using Zip

The following three variables determine what content will get put in your ZIP file:

  • galid - The ID number of the gallery you wish to make into a zip file. (Required)
  • num - The ID number of the specific images or video clips you wish to put in your zip file. (Optional)
  • type - The type of video format found in CARMA for videos you wish to zip. (Required for video sets)


The following examples demonstrate how to set links to your zip files using the above variables:

  • <a href="zip.php?galid=2&type=wmv_high"> -- All of the available "wmv_high" format video clips in video set 2
  • <a href="zip.php?galid=2&num=0&type=wmv_high"> -- The first clip in video set 2 that uses the "wmv_high" video format type
  • <a href="zip.php?galid=3&num=1,2,3"> -- Images one, two, and three from gallery three