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RSSDish creates dynamic feeds from the contents of a database. Setup a new feed in the RSSDish Feeds Admin; click the New Feed tab and fill in the form. Make sure the Dynamic box is checked.

After you have completed and submitted the form, return to the Feeds Admin and locate the new feed. Click on the chain icon to edit the database connections. Add a new connection by clicking on the green plus icon. A pop-up appears with an add connection form. Fill out all fields and click Add.

Add a database to the feed. Under the subheading "Setup New Database Connections", find and select the name of the dynamic feed. If all of your connection settings were correct the Status should be "Connection Successful". If you get any other message, go back and edit this connection.

Add a database to associate with this feed. Click the green plus. After completing this step, select the database you wish to use. Another Status check appears. If the connection is successful proceed, if not go back and check your settings.

Choose the table that stores the feed items. Click the green plus next to the "Choose Table" drop down. A table listing will appear in a pop-up. Select the table you wish to use for the feed. (Note: if you chose a NATS or CARMA database, some popular queries will be shown in a second drop down.)

Find the table in the drop down. Once you do this, the database query will be displayed along with some icons to help modify the query. These options make it easy to modify the base query. Once again a Status is displayed to show how many rows are returned by that query.