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Adding Content To Your Directories

To add new content to your CARMA system, you must first upload your new pictures and/or videos to the carma/cms_incoming directory. In this directory, you will have to create a new directory for each content set you upload.

Uploaded videos must follow CARMA's video content naming convention, otherwise they will not be properly recognized.

After uploading your new content, change the cms_incoming directory's permissions to "777". Directory permissions can be changed by using the command, chmod.

CARMA automatically detects whether your new content directory consists of pictures or videos by counting the number of JPEG files against the other files in the directory.

If there are more other files than JPEG files, CARMA will read your new set as video files. If there are more JPEG images than other files, CARMA will mark your new set as gallery content (photos). If CARMA mistakenly categorizes a photo set as a video set, simply remove the non-JPEG files from your content set's directory.

Note: CARMA supports JPEG photos and most video formats. It can also create thumbnails for photos, as well as most video formats. However, you must first configure any additional video formats before your videos can be displayed on your site. For more information, please see our Video Format wiki article.

Adding Content to CARMA

Once you have uploaded your content sets to your CARMA directories, you must also add them in the Gallery Content Admin and the Video Content Admin.

Both of these admins will list the first three pending content sets in the "Incoming Queue" list on the admin main page. If you would like to see a list of all pictures or videos waiting to be activated, click the "Incoming" tab at the top of the admin pages.

You can add a new set of content to CARMA by clicking the "Activate" action icon in either of the "Incoming" lists. After a photo set or video is finished processing and being activated, you can edit the content's caption and description, as well as categorize your new content. We recommend that you add detailed information regarding your content sets, so that both members and admins can easily locate their desired content.

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