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Video Thumbnails

CARMA offers the ability to manually set thumbnails for any content sets in your system. You can do so through the Video Content Admin.

To set a thumbnail for one of your video sets, go to the Video Content Admin, locate the content set you wish to change, and click the "Gallery" or "Thumbnail List" action icon, which will be the second available action icon.

On the next page, you will be taken to a display of all available thumbnail images for that video set in CARMA, as well as a list of files in your video set.

You can set the default thumbnail for the video set by clicking the "Set as Sample" action icon below an image in the "Extra Video Thumbnails" list.

You can also set a thumbnail from the video clips below your "Extra Video Thumbnails" list by clicking the "Set as Sample" action icon. If you do not see any suitable thumbnail images available, you can also generate new thumbnails for use on your sites. For more information on this feature, please see the "Change Video Thumbnail" section of our Video Clips wiki article.

Once you have set your default image thumbnail, it will be surrounded by a black border to indicate that it is the default thumbnail for that content set. You can change your image thumbnail as many times as you wish.


If thumbnails do not get created for your videos, you can follow these steps to fix it:

  1. Make sure MPlayer version 1.0pre7 or greater is installed on your server.
  2. Make sure the path to MPlayer is correctly setup in CARMA Configuration.
  3. Make sure your MPlayer supports the video format -- if not, add that video format's driver.
  4. If you use FreeBSD you may need to add the option USER_LDT to your kernel. Please talk to your host to set this up.
  5. If you use FreeBSD and use a SSE capable CPU (Pentium 3, 4, Athlon XP...), add the option, CPU_ENABLE_SSE, to the kernel or Windows Media Video version 9 won't work.
  6. Put a JPEG image into the incoming directory for each video and CARMA will use that image as the thumbnail.
  7. Contact us via our Ticket System