CARMA Common Errors

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Common Errors

The following list describes common errors.

Flash Errors

If you have a problem or get an error creating Flash content, please try changing the NO_BFRAMES_CHECK option in the CARMA configuration admin. If it's enabled, try disabling it; if it's disabled, try enabling it. Please see the NO_BFRAMES_CHECK section of the CARMA configuration article for more information.

Template Errors

If you start to experience issues where your member site is not viewable and you are seeing just a white page you should refer to the suggestions below to try and resolve it.

  • To low max_execution_time setting for php.
    • If the apache is under higher load then normal the it would take longer to complete the required operations. Increasing or disabling this value should resolve it if it is this.
    • Try for 300 seconds or higher
  • To low memory_limit setting in php.
    • Often times when smarty is trying to generate the templates some select smarty code will cause the requested memory by php to exceed the limit. Increasing this value will also resolve this issue. As you are usinga dedicated server there is very limited reasons why you would not want to increase this value, its really there for shared hosting servers so some users don't hog the resources.
    • Try for 128M or higher

If increasing both of those fail to resolve the issue then have your host turn on php display errors. A white page is often showing up because there was a fatal error but you dont get the message because display errors is off.