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This article applies to CARMA and greater

CARMA contains the feature of allowing clients to upload documents for an actor. These documents can be in any format, and contain anything you wish.

For example, a use of this feature would be uploading 2257 documents for the actors featured on your sites. There is also a script in the member scripts directory called view_doc.php that will allow you to create links to documents on your site. This allows members to view select files.

Managing Documents

You can manage your documents by going to the Actors Admin and selecting the "Add/Remove Documents" (Actors document icon.png) icon to the right of the actor you wish to manage documents for.

Figure 1.1 - Actors Admin - Managing actor documents

On the "Manage Documents" page, there will be two available tables. The "Documents" table lists all current documents that CARMA has for that particular actor. Below, the "Add Document" table allows you to upload new documents, and choose if you want members to see your uploaded document.

The "Documents" table also contains three action icons. These icons allow you to view the selected document, download the document, or delete the document from CARMA.

Add a New Document

To add a new document to an actor, go back to the "Manage Documents" page in the Actors Admin. In the "Add Document" table, you can optionally provide a name for your document, for display and reference purposes. If you leave the name field blank, the name will default to the document's file name.

All documents uploaded through CARMA are private, and can only be accessed through the CARMA Admins by default. To allow members to have access to the document you are uploading, check the box for the "Public" option. Once you have done this, click the "Choose File" button to upload a file from your hard drive. Click "Upload" when you are done to upload the selected document.

Figure 1.2 - Actors Admin - Uploading a new document

Remove a Document

To remove a document that has been uploaded to CARMA, simply go to the "Manage Documents" page via the Actors Admin and click the Delete action icon.

Figure 1.3 - Actors Admin - Deleting a document

Accessing a document

If you have chosen to allow public access to certain documents, you can display them on your Members Area Templates by linking to the script view_doc.php.

This script should be called like one of the two examples below:

View Document Example 1


  • [YOUR_SITE] is the URL to your Members site.
  • <name> is the name of the document that you provided when uploading it (such as my_story)
  • <actorid> is the ID of the actor that the document belongs to


View Document Example 2


  • [YOUR_SITE] is the URL to your Members site.
  • <doc_id> is the ID of the document. See code below to get this ID from the template functions
  • <actorid> is the ID of the actor that the document belongs to


{carma_list count=500 list="actors" order="name ASC"}
{foreach from=$ item=actor}
  {if $}
    <img src="view_image.php?actorid={$actor.actorid}&width=150&height=150"><br>
    [no photo]<br>
  {if $}
    {foreach from=$ item=doc}
       - <a href="view_doc.php?doc_id={$doc.doc_id}&actorid={$actor.actorid}">{$}</a><br>

The above example will list the actor, their photo, and a list of all their public documents.

Figure 2.1 - Members Site - Sample Output of smarty code to show documents

Template Functions

All template functions that deal with actor data have been modified to have an array called docs. The modified templates are: