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Adding Feeds
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Viewing RSSDish Feeds

To add a new feed in RSSdish:

In the Feeds Admin, click on the New Feed tab at the top and enter the following information.

  • Shortname: identifies the feed and used in the URL for the feed. This must be unique and cannot contain any spaces or special characters (Required)
  • Title: the feed's title. The title displayed at the top of the feed (Required)
  • Link: URL to the web site with the full stories for the feed. Must start with http:// or https:// (Required)
  • Description: describes the feed; displayed below the title
  • Image: image displayed at the top of the feed. You can specify the URL, title, width, height, link, and description for this image. Default size height is 31 and width is 88.
  • Category: categories that describe this feed; this can be a comma separated list. (For example: one,two,three)
  • Cloud: used if you have an rssCloud interface which allows processes to register with the cloud to be notified when the feed is updated
  • Refresh Time: the amount of time between recommended updates. The skip hours tells the viewer what hours to skip checking for updates; the skip days tells the viewer what days to skip
  • Copyright: a short copyright notice for the feed
  • Publish Date: the date the feed should be published. This is a free-form field; any date format will work
  • Restrictions: restricts the editing of articles to a particular group in RSSdish. You can also set this to protected so only that group can view the feed.
  • Dynamic: check this box to generate this feed's items dynamically from database tables.
  • Owner: if you are an admin, you can set the owner of the feed. Only the owner and full admins can edit a feed