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The Tour Templates section is a feature in CARMA that allows you to manage each of your tour's templates.

To manage your site's Tour Templates, go to the Templates Admin and select a site and tour to edit from the "Manage Tours Templates for" drop-down menu at the top of the page. In this drop-down menu, any tours marked with an asterisk (*) contain customized templates. Once you select a site and tour to edit, all templates used for this site and tour will now be listed in the "Tours Templates" section.

Managing your tour templates in CARMA

Creating a New Template

You can create a new template for your Tours by using the "Create Template" section of the Templates Admin. In this section you will need to fill in a name for your template in the Name field, use the Header and Footer columns to name the header and footer files for this template to use, and fill in a description for this template in the "Description" field. After you have filled out the required information, click "Create" to create your new template.

Creating a new template in CARMA

On the next page, select a header and footer (if applicable) from the "Header" and "Footer" drop-down menus. Fill in the Template Body with the code for your new template, and click "Save Template". "Save & Continue" will save your template while keeping you on the edit page, allowing you to save your progress while you work.

The Template List

The "Tours Templates" list displays all the templates that are available for your chosen site and tour. This list also contains basic details regarding each template. This information consists of:

  • Name - The given name of the template.
  • Header - Names the header file used in this template.
  • Footer - Names the footer file used in this template.
  • Description - Displays the description used for this template.
  • Originates From - Shows this template's inheritance. If a template originates at this level, it will say "customized".

The CARMA Tours Templates List

In the right-most column, you will find a set of action icons next to each template. These icons provide a variety of functions, including:

  • Customize - Perform the initial edit on a selected template. After a template's first customization, the "customize" icon will be grayed out and the "edit" and "revert" icons will be active.
  • Revert - Returns the selected template to its default form in CARMA. This will eliminate any changes you have made to a template.
  • Edit - Allows you to further customize and edit a template.
  • Duplicate - Creates a copy of the selected template underneath that template.
  • Delete - Removes the selected template. Note: CARMA default templates cannot be deleted, only new templates and duplicated templates can be deleted.