NATS Affiliate Info in RSSDish

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NATS Affiliate Info in RSSDish
Adding RSS Feeds for NATS's Free Hosted Galleries

Note: You must be on NATS version or higher

RSSdish can connect to NATS and get an affiliate's information. To get the information, you must include the affiliate's username or login ID number in the feed URL.

When you link to the feed in the NATS admin, you can use the following example:{$enc_login}

You can then use the following variables available in your RSSdish feeds:

  • {$nats_username} - The username of the reseller with this link
  • {$nats_loginid} - The loginid of the reseller with this link

When you build your connections to the NATS tables in the dynamic feeds, use conditional statements like this:

loginid Equal to {if $nats_loginid}{$nats_loginid}{else}-1{/if}

The above statement checks for a proper nats_enc; if present, the affiliate can to access their information from NATS; if not present, they won't get any data. This link type is also necessary if you are providing links directly to the NATS admin areas.

Send a link directly to the NATS admin using the following example.{$nats_enc}

Replace with your Link Domain.