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Each installation of CARMA has the ability to have multiple member and tour sites. Adding a new site to CARMA involves configuring your server so that accessing your domain will call up the scripts in either carma/site_scripts/ or carma/tour_scripts and setting up the site in CARMA's Sites Admin.

Script Setup

There are two primary ways you can setup your server so that multiple domains can access the same CARMA files.

Document Roots

The easiest way to set this up is to point your domain's document root to carma/site_scripts/ or carma/tour_scripts. Since you can only set the document root to one folder your will either want a separate hostname for tour and members scripts or set it up for the tour scripts and then create a symbolic link called members to carma/site_scripts/.

There are some other limitations with this method. The biggest one would be authentication. If all your domains are set up to use the same directory as the document root then this could complicate your member's authentication, particularly with .htaccess' files.

Symbolic Link

In order to have separate directories for each sites authentication, images, and css content you can set your domains up the normal way and then set up a hard or symbolic to files in carma/site_scripts/. This would allow you to retain the normal separation of site data and still allow all sites to access the same content. Every file in the carma/site_scripts/ has to have a link except the CVS directory.


cd /path/to/tour/site/document/root
ln -s /path/to/carma/tour_scripts/* ./

cd /path/to/member/site/document/root
ln -s /path/to/carma/site_scripts/* ./

Sites Admin

To add your site to CARMA, go to the Sites Admin. In the Sites Admin, fill in your new site's name in the blank field at the bottom left of the Sites table and click the Add button on the bottom right of the table. After clicking the Add button, you will be prompted to fill in other information fields.

Publish Mode

You can select a different publish mode for both Tours' and Members' sections. The publish mode controls how the content available on your site is rotated. All available content is initially scheduled to your sites in the same way, based on date, but it will be displayed on your sites based on the publish mode's interpretation of that date. For more information on this feature please refer to Publish Mode documentation.


Here, you will enter the hostname for your Tour and Members sections. If your hostname is not correct, then CARMA will not be able to correctly identify your site-- the hostname is how scripts in CARMA know what site to load up. Each site must have its own unique hostname. Depending on your setup, member and tour hostnames can be the same or can be different.

The hostname does not include http:// or the path to your content. For example:


Here you want to enter in the base URL to your Tour and Members site. These must include http:// and should contain the entire path to the base directory of the section, such as


Here you can choose to turn caching on or off. Caching will greatly improve the performance of your server. When you are in the process of developing a new site, it can be beneficial to have caching turned off so you can immediately see your changes. However it is strongly recommended that you turn on the available setting for a production site that is live.