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Your tracking domain is a custom domain used for the affiliate links (to promote your offers). Linkcodes for your affiliates will appear in the following form:

 http://<tracking domain>/track/<trackingcode>

By default, your NATS For Networks domain will be []. However, you can add as many different domains as you'd like.

To add a tracking domain to NATS For Networks, first navigate to the The Offers Admin, then click "Tracking Domains" on the left side of the screen. There are three requirements needed to create a new tracking domain:

Adding a new tracking domain

  • Domain Name – The name (URL) you would like to use for this particular domain. This can be a custom domain as long as it points to the domain of your NATS For Networks Install.
    • Point the DNS for your domain, using a CNAME record, at your NATS For Networks domain. For example, if your tracking domain is and your NATS For Networks domain is, you would create the following CNAME record in your DNS configuration:  CNAME

If you need help with this, please submit a ticket and we will be happy to assist you.

  • Hide Affiliate Area (Redirect) – The URL you would like to use to redirect away from the affiliate area. Leave this blank if you do not want to hide the affiliate area.
  • Hide Affiliate Area (Template) – Choose whether or not to hide the affiliate area by showing an alternate template.

The "Hide Affiliate Area" settings can later be altered by clicking on the “Edit Tracking Domain” action icon. When you have finished entering your tracking domain, click "Add". Once you have set up a Tracking Domain, you will be able to select it to be used for an offer's tracking links when configuring your landing pages.