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Note: This is a general article is about adding new creatives in NATS For Networks. For more specific information, please go to our Creative Types wiki article and choose the specific creative you want to add.

NATS For Networks contains the feature to add new creatives in the NATS For Networks admin for affiliates to use when promoting your offer. You can do this through the Creatives Admin.

Adding a New Creative (General)

In the Creatives Admin, locate the Creative Type for which you wish to upload a new creative. To view your currently existing creatives or add a new creative, click the corresponding View Creatives icon.

There are four(4) categories of creatives by default in NATS For Networks: Banner Creatives, Content Creatives, Interactive Creatives, and Page Advertisement Creatives. Each type has different fields that must be configured when adding a new creative. For more information, please see the Creative Types article.

On the next page, fill in all available fields in the "New Creative" box and click "Add Creative." Your new creative will now appear in the list of Creatives underneath, where you will be able to perform various actions, including editing your creative, editing your creative groups, adding a rule (publish date) for your creative, and deleting your creative.

The Edit Groups icon allows you to add or delete Creative groups, which help to categorize your creatives. You can also choose to associate the selected creative with that group.

The Add New Rule icon allows you to change the publish date of your new creative, which can also be set when adding or editing the creative itself in the "Publish Date" field.