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You can generate an invoice for an Advertiser by selecting the "Generate Invoice" Icon in the actions column.

NFN GenerateInvoice.png

You will be brought to the Generate Invoice page.

NFN GenerateInvoiceTable.png

  • Advertiser Username - The name of the advertiser you are creating the invoice for.
  • Start Date - The beginning date for sales to make up the invoice. This can not be edited later.
  • End Date - The ending date for sales to make up the invoice. This can not be edited later.
  • Memo (optional) - A custom memo for the invoice. This can be edited later.

Once finished, click the "Generate Invoice" button.

Editing an Invoice

In the "Invoice Details" table, you can add more details to this invoice.

NFN InvoiceDetails.png

  • Type
    • Adjustment - Add a manual adjustment entry for the invoice.
    • Value Added Tax (VAT) - Add a custom tax rate entry for the invoice.
  • Revenue Type
    • RPA - Revenue per Action
    • RPS - Revenue per Sale
    • RPC - Revenue per Click
    • RPUC - Revenue per Unique Click
    • RPM - Revenue per Mille (1,000 impressions)
  • Stats - The number of actions that occurred. Enter a number of conversions.
  • Amount - The invoice amount for the actions.

Use the "Add Row" link at the bottom of the table to add another row of details. When you are finished making the invoice rows, click "Save Invoice". While you can't edit a row that you have already saved, you can delete a row and make a new one.