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With the CSS color editor, you can change the look and feel of the affiliate side of your network. There are an endless number of colors available for you to customize, and to view them all, click "Show Advanced Settings". You can also upload your logo, which affiliates will see in the top left hand corner of every page.

NFN AdminTabCSS.png

Customizing CSS Colors

We have picked out the ten most prominent colors for you to customize. After you have changed a color, you will notice blue arrow icons appear next to that color. With this icon, you can revert your changes back to the default color.

NFN Edit CSS Colors.png

Primary Color

Changes the main admin tabs.

NFN Primary Color.png

Primary Accent Light

Changes the tab description color.

NFN PrimaryAccentLight.png

Primary Accent Dark

Changes the drop down menu highlighting.

NFN Primary Accent Dark.png

Primary Accent Darker

Changes the highlighted links color.

NFN Primary Accent Darker.png

Secondary Color

Changes the highlighted link color of bubbled text.

NFN Secondary Color.png

NFN Secondary Color2.png

Secondary Accent Light

Changes the color of the large tooltips, when the black question mark is moused over.

NFN Secondary Accent Light.png

Secondary Accent Dark

Changes the borders around the help boxes and tooltips.

NFN Secondary Accent Dark.png

Body Background

Changes the entire background color.

NFN Body Background.png

Content Header Bar Background

Changes the main header color of all modules.

NFN Content Header Bar Background.png

Content Box Background

Changes the module background color.

NFN Content Box Background.png

Here you can view an example of a custom skin design.

Header Logo Upload

Not only can you alter the color theme of your affiliate skins in NATS For Networks, you can also easily upload a new Header Logo to be used on your affiliate pages. If your desired logo image is hosted remotely, just copy and paste the URL where your image is stored. If you need to upload your desired image to the NATS For Networks server, click the "Choose File" button to select an image to be uploaded from your hard drive. Regarding the size of your new logo, an image sized 300-350px x 100px will work best. Your new Header Logo then will be displayed on every affiliate page once you save your CSS settings.

NFN YourLogoHere.png

Body Background Image

The Body Background Image allows you to upload or insert a background image to be used on all of the affiliate pages in NATS For Networks. Although the other settings on this page (colors and header logo) are required, this setting is optional, as you do not need to use a body background image on any of your affiliate pages. Uploading a Body Background Image is similar to uploading a Header Logo - If your desired body background image is hosted remotely, just copy and paste the URL where your image is stored. If you need to upload your desired image to the NATS For Networks server, click the "Choose File" button to select an image to be uploaded from your hard drive.

Once you save your CSS settings, your new Body Background Image will be displayed in the background of the body text for every affiliate page in that skin.

Favicon Icon

Favicons made easy! A favicon, or "Favorite Icon," is a small icon that represents your Network. The favicon can appear directly in front of your website url in your browser's address bar, in the tab before the page title, or both. The visitor's browser determines where exactly the favicon images will appear. Favicons are useful not only for consistent branding, but for users who have multiple tabs open within a browser. Your favicon image is a quick tell to which tab your Network is in.

Favicons in Chrome

Don't have your own favicon yet? There are lots of free favicon generators on the web you can use to make an icon or just test ideas. But don't worry, NATS For Networks already has the NATS For Networks logo set as a favicon by default, and it is only optional to add your own.

The ideal size for your favicon image is 16x16 pixels. While NATS For Networks will resize any image to 16x16px, the aspect ratio is not preserved. Also, resizing tends to make the favicon look less crisp. For example:

Favicons in Firefox

The +P icon was 16x16 pixels, while the +$ icon was resized.

Saving Your Skin

Not only can you edit any of the colors and images that are used in your affiliate skins, you can save your custom CSS color schemes with the "Create New Theme" section on the CSS Colors page. To begin creating your new theme, set all of the colors and images that you want to save, using the instructions provided above. Once you've chosen the colors and images that you want to save to your new theme, locate the "Create New Theme" section on the top-right of the page. Fill in the name you want to use for your new CSS Theme in the "Theme Title" field here, and click Save. Your new theme will now be saved for easy use on your NATS For Networks install.

Applying Your CSS Themes

Choose the CSS Theme you want to apply to your skin with the "Reset to Theme" drop-down menu at the top-left of this page. Once you've chosen your desired CSS Theme, click Save to apply your theme's CSS color settings and logos to your chosen skin.