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The Affiliate Referral Signup Commissions Report displays all payments that have been made as a result of affiliate referrals. As opposed to the Affiliate Referral Tier Commissions report, the Signup Payments report displays a referred affiliate, the affiliate they were referred by, and the payments given for actually referring those affiliates.

This is useful for checking how many affiliates are part of your commissions as a result of your Affiliate Referral commission. You can also see which affiliate has referred the most affiliates, as well as the commission they received for referring other affiliates.

To view the Affiliate Referral Signup Commissions Report, go to the Reporting Admin and select the "Affiliate Referral Signup Payouts" tab from the side menu.

On the Affiliate Referral Signup Commissions Report page, you will find a search box and a "Affiliate Referral Affiliate Joins" table. The search box allows you to narrow down your results by using various parameters, including parameters from Date Range, Offer, Tracking, and Affiliate.

The Affiliate Referral Affiliate Joins Table

The information provided in the "Affiliate Referral Affiliate Joins" table includes:

  • Referred Affiliate - Displays the username of the affiliate who was referred by another affiliate
  • Offer - Which offer the affiliate was referred for
  • Commission - Displays the commission the referred affiliate was signed up for
  • Affiliate - Displays the username of the affiliate who referred the specified affiliate
  • Tier x Affiliate/Payment - Displays the name of a referred affiliate who falls under multiple tiers (i.e., affiliate A refers affiliate B, who refers affiliate C. In this example, affiliates B and C would be listed in these columns)
  • Referral Payment - The total payment given to affiliates that have referred other affiliates

In the "Affiliate Referral Affiliate Joins" table, the Referred Affiliate and original affiliate usernames will appear as hyperlinks. Clicking these affiliate usernames will take you to the Affiliate Overview page for those affiliates, allowing you to view various information. This includes who that affiliate was originally referred by, as well as any customers that affiliate has referred to your offer.