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The NATS For Networks configuration admin works in conjunction with the NATS For Networks configuration file, allowing clients a great deal of flexibility in customizing their NATS For Networks. The configuration file is stored in the NATS For Networks directory on your server as includes/config.php.

The Configuration Admin

Several tabs let you find configuration options:

  • The Project Settings options are the primary NATS For Networks settings. Some options can't be edited; if you need these options changed, please submit a ticket
  • The Affiliates options set affiliate defaults, requirements, postbacks, and other various affiliate settings.
  • The Display options set default displays for various areas in NATS For Networks.
  • The Email options tell NATS For Networks when to send emails. NATS For Networks only sends email if you enter a subject in any of the fields.
  • The Logging options change what NATS For Networks logs.
  • The Misc options contain additional settings that do not fit into the other categories.
  • The Notifications options contain settings for ignoring admin notifications.
  • The Postback options allow you to further configure postback actions.
  • The Security options configure who can access secure areas of your NATS For Networks commission. Be careful editing these settings, as you can easily lock yourself out
  • The Visitor options set tracking options, as well as signup form settings.

Configuration Options

The following is a breakdown of categories and sub-categories that you can find your configuration admin settings in.

You'll find the following settings in the NATS For Networks Configuration Admin.

Project Settings

The Configuration Admin's "Project Settings" section contains settings that base settings that apply to your NATS For Networks install. The important settings in this section include:

  • Project - Allows you to configure the name of your NATS For Networks install, as well as domain and time zone.
    • PROJECT_NAME / NICE_NAME - Used on various NATS For Networks templates to print the name of your NATS For Networks. For example: NICE_NAME is used to name the news section on customers.php. You can change these to anything.
    • PROJECT_HOSTNAME - Your commissions's domain. If you change this, you should setup an Apache virtual host for the hold value so that your old links continue to work. Warning: setting this to a bad value will break NATS For Networks.
  • Affiliate Analytics
    • TRACK_AFFILIATE_GOOGLE_ANALYTICS - Turn on if you want to track the affiliate area using Google Analytics software.
    • GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_PROPERTY_ID - If the above option has been turned on, you will need to provide your Web Property ID, or UA number, which has been given to you by Google.
  • Period Configuration - Change how long pay periods are, as well as payout delays and if you automatically store payments.
    • STORE_PAYMENTS_BY_PERIOD - If there are missing historical payments that need to be built, this option will store them as if they were built normally.
    • PAYOUT_AUTOSTORE - Stores payments immediately after they are formed. This prevents you from needing to manually store payments, so you can always see what needs to be paid to your affiliates.


  • Signup - Configure settings that take place when affiliates sign up for your commission.
  • Account Changes - Set whether verification is required when affiliates change their account settings.
  • Payment Settings - Sets requirements and limitations on affiliate payouts.
    • FORCE_PV_MIN - If the affiliate's desired payout is less than your Payvia minimum, NATS For Networks will automatically use the Payvia minimum when storing payments.
    • UPDATE_PV_MIN - If the affiliate's desired payout is less than your Payvia minimum, NATS For Networks will automatically change the affiliate's payout to the Payvia minimum.
  • Tiers - Include or exclude certain statistics when counting tiered sales.
  • Creatives - Enable or disable creative date limitations.
  • Link Codes - Choose if you want to use a default Commission ID when none is selected.
  • Postbacks - Allow affiliates to receive postbacks regarding customer activity.
  • Custom Flags - Define what you want Flags (found in the Affiliates Admin) to mean.
  • Offer Partner - Choose which transactions pay out to offer partners.


  • Template Settings - Choose what messages will be displayed on your pages.
  • Admin Display - Choose what will be displayed in your admin reports.
    • REPORTS_DELETED_PAYOUTS - Displays all deleted payouts in NATS For Networks.
    • REPORTS_DELETED_OFFERS - Displays all deleted offers in NATS For Networks.
  • Stats Settings - Change how manual sales are displayed, as well as global stats for creatives.
  • Creative Settings - Choose if or how you want to limit certain creatives.
  • Error Display - Choose if you want to forgo your custom error page, or who you don't want to display it for.
  • NATS For Networks Help Display - Choose if you want to disable any help boxes or tool tips on the Admin pages.


  • General settings - Sets preferences for automatically sent emails.


  • Global Log Settings - Choose error logs are created, as well as their size.
  • Global Logging - Decide what actions you want to be logged.
  • Tracking Logging - Decide what tracking actions will be logged.


  • General Settings - Set options that do not fit neatly into the other configuration categories, such as creating popups for severe notifications, automatic logins, limiting the recording of visitor stats, etc.


This sections allows you to ignore admin notifications for specific error categories. You can also choose what admin username these notifications are sent to.


  • Global Postback Settings - Set an alternate response for failed or successful postbacks.
  • Admin Postback - Set a URL and a time delay to post all admin actions.
  • Affiliate Account Postback - Set URLs to post affiliate signups and account changes to. You can also set time delays for these postbacks.
  • Customer Account Postback - Set a time delay for postback URLs that were set in the Offers Admin.


  • Admin IPs - A comma separated list of IPs that are allowed to access the admin area. This is separate from/in addition to the restrictions based on user type.
  • Data Encryption - Choose whether you want to protect certain data by using encryption.
  • Document Upload - sets restrictions on uploading certain extension types, as well as what IPs can upload documents.


  • Cookie Settings - Set a cookie hostname, when it expires, and how long to keep cookies.
  • Tracking - Choose a method of tracking visitor countries; each country tracking method requires supporting software to make it work.
  • Signup Form - Edit settings applicable to the customer signup form.