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NATS For Networks now supports affiliate host and post! This system allows affiliates the flexibility of hosting their own landing page or lead generation forms while still having their traffic recorded in NATS For Networks. For more information on how to use this system from the affiliate perspective please visit the wiki page

Affiliate Approval

The Host and Post system can be enabled on a per affiliate level. To turn this on, navigate to the Affiliates Admin in NATS For Networks and select "Edit Admin-Only Affiliate Settings".

NFN Screenshotfrom20140529 163047.png

From there you will want to check "Allow Host and Post"

NFN AffHostAndPost.png

Postback Security

In order to prevent against potential fraud, there is a new set of Allowed postback ips for the Host and Post system. You can find this list when adding or editing a landing page where you see "Secure Landing Page Host and Post IPs". When enabling an affiliate for host and post you will want to obtain their server postback ips and add them to the appropriate landing pages. Keep in mind that the landing page conversion type will need to be postback for this system to work correctly.

NFN Screenshotfrom20140529 163806.png

If you have any questions regarding setting up host and post or would like to see some additions feel free to put in a support ticket and we will gladly assist you in whatever way possible.